Summer’s End

August beach trip

I love the time of year when it’s about to change seasons. There always seems to be so much possibility in the air, and that’s such a wonderful feeling. As much as I find it frustrating, I also find it exhilarating to wait out the approach of a new season. Obviously at the moment, I have Fall on the brain, but it is kind of sad to end another Summer.

August beach trip

I love Summer. I’ve always been a beach person, and few things compare to swimming in the gulf on a hot summer’s day.

August beach trip

Growing up, my family used to spend an entire month at the beach in our family’s little beach cottage, and it was the thing I looked forward to most every summer. We didn’t have television, no AC, no washing machine, just sand, surf, and monopoly. And you know what, it was awesome!

August beach trip

When I think of Summer, I think of homemade ice cream, made in one of those old-fashioned cranks. Homemade peppermint was always my favorite. I also think about sandals, sundresses, sandy beach towels, the sound of the ceiling fan as it whirls through the hot and humid night air, and a deck of cards.

August beach trip

A windy late Summer evening at the beach. Ignore my goober-y pose.

But as much as I love Summer, I’m ready for Fall. I’m tired of those sandals and ready to break out the boots. I’m tired of summer vegetables and ready for soups. Atlanta humidity is getting seriously annoying, and I’m ready for brisk Fall mornings. I’m tired of my car’s AC and ready for my seat heaters (this is a luxury that I no longer think I can live without. Do you have one? They’re amazing!).

August beach trip

Yeah, I’m hilarious

Rather than soaking up the warmth of the sun, I’m ready to curl up under a cozy blanket.

August beach trip

And believe it or not, I’m ready to watch a little bit of football with this guy. Gasp!

So let’s get ready for Fall, huh?

What Fall activity are you most excited about?

PS-Everyone pray this place doesn’t get washed away in Isaac this week :(

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    • Haha, you know while I was writing this post, I actually thought of you because I remember how OBSESSED you are with Fall!! No wonder you’ll be a Fall bride!

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